School Supply Distribution 2020

School supply distribution was a little different this year. Basic details about the upcoming school year remain hazy, social distancing requirements demanded greater coordination, and the need has been more extreme than ever. As always, Karen and Larry led the multi-day effort which took place at Vida Abundante Church. With their organizational experience and the help of steadfast volunteers, the Friends of Cozumel overcame the challenges of the pandemic for another flawless event.

Pastors Mariela and Solomon made sure that all participants followed the safety guidelines arranged by the team. A single representative from each family arrived one-by-one, presented their invitation and had their temperature checked before proceeding inside to register and pick up supplies. The registration tables even had plastic dividers. It was very safe and the church is looking great.

The parents who picked up the supplies for their children were all grateful for the help and told us about their young learners’ aspirations. Astronomers, English teachers, and nurses to name a few. We look forward to seeing them grow in the years to come.

You can see pictures of the happy recipients, volunteers, and Solomon Jr. operating the temperature gun below.

– Almendra Gutiérrez

If you’d like to help us provide school supplies and basic necessities to the community, go to our page how to make a donation or via PayPal.

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