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Ilene Kendricks, Bible Blessing Coordinator

Jan. 2010 – SAIL visited Vida Abundante church & discussed impact of Bible Blessings

This special ministry to bring bibles to the island to share among various churches and pastors leading mission efforts was initiated by SAIL (Solid Assurance In the Lord). SAIL is a women’s bible study cruise group that visits Cozumel annually and provides mission sponsorship of Christian outreach efforts and programs for children and families in need.When SAIL asked local pastors about their greatest needs, the resounding response was “We need bibles!” The problem is two-fold: Lack of availability of bibles and Christian educational materials on Cozumel. Books and printed materials are very expensive. Churches cannot afford to provide bibles and few individuals or families have the resources to buy a bible.

Bible Blessings is an ongoing effort. According to Ilene Kendrick, Coodinator for SAIL and Bible Blessings, “This ministry will never end. We will always need to put the word of God in new believers’ hands!”

Ilene Kendricks, Bible Blessing Coordinator

Local pastors show illustrated children’s bible stories-left & center with bible purchased for adults-right

Chapelwood Choir

Jan. 2010 – Chapelwood Wesley Youth Choir from Houston brought 170+ adult bibles & cash donation

Bible Blessings Milestones:Oct. 2008 – Bible Blessings ministry beganFeb. 2009 – 100 Adult bibles purchasedApr. 2009 – 200 Adult bibles purchasedJun. 2009 – 100 Children’s bibles purchasedNov. 2009 – 300 Adult bibles purchasedJan. 2010 – 170 Bibles donated-Chapelwood Aug. 2010 – 100 Children’s bibles purchasedJan. 2011 – 45 Large print bibles purchasedSpring/Summer 2011 Next adult bible order 

1,015 bibles purchased & donated as of Jan. 2011$ 5,096 USD donated for bibles as of Mar. 2011

Bible Blessings ministry has benefitted these churches, mission efforts and organizations:


Maranatha is a modest Christian mission effort serving rural families

New Christians Receive Bibles

New Christians receive their bibles at Vida Abundante / Abundant Life

    • NUAFA
    • Casa Oracion (House of Prayer church)
    • Centro de Rehabilitacion “La Esperanza” (Residential addiction rehabilitation center): Cancun, Cozumel and Playa del Carmen
    • Cozumel Community Church
  • Filadelphia (church)
  • Mision Maranatha
  • Peniel Templo
  • Siloe (mission)
  • Vida Abundante
  • Other missions


New Christians Receive Bibles

Ilene Kendrick with Pastor Mariela

How does Bible Blessings work? How to help? What is the cost of bibles?

Individuals and groups are invited to join this ministry by providing monetary donations for Spanish bibles to be ordered in Mexico and shipped to Cozumel or by bringing Spanish bibles when visiting the island. $5 US covers the cost of purchasing a nice hardback Spanish bible and shipping to Cozumel.

Interested in providing a US tax deductible donation? Contact Ilene Kendrick (email below). Donations are accepted in the US and Mexico. Or online (non-tax deductible) donations may be made using the Donate Now button via PayPal on the Friends of Cozumel home page.

Bibles are ordered every 3-6 months. Vida Abundante Pastor, Mariela Cruz Laynez, places orders with suppliers to receive pastors’ discount and assists in distribution to share bibles among pastors/churches and organizations.



 Bible Buck

Bible Bucks are a creative fundraiser used by SAIL. Bucks are bible bookmarks given to those who donate $5+ to support Bible Blessings.

All donations are acknowledged, funds tracked, receipts provided and other special follow-up requested by donors.

Karen Pedersen, Friends of Cozumel volunteer, works with local pastors to determine priority needs for bibles and educational materials.

For more information contact Bible Blessings US Coordinator:
Ilene Kendrick


To view our current wish list click here.

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