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CAM school director

Miguel Zetina, Director, with student & staff

The CAM (Centro de Atencion Multiple) School is a special facility dedicated to providing education and related services for children with mental, physical and/or behavioral disabilities. CAM provides a holistic approach to learning by helping children and their parents set realistic goals for their learning capabilities, providing physical therapy, a social worker and psychologist to work with the children and their parents.

CAM Laboral sign

Manual skills workshops

CAM Laboral is an innovative, alternative learning program for 30+ young adults ages 14-22. The workshops extend the students’ education beyond the traditional classroom to learn basic hands-on and life skills.

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Tour CAM

Girls learn crafts

Tour CAM

Boys learn woodworking

The goals are to develop their self confidence; learn responsibilities required for a job such as being on time, listening to directions, cleaning up, getting along in a group; as well as one or more basic technical skills or crafts.CAM helps these young people become contributing members of their family and society. Some of the higher functioning students are able to obtain employment as helpers or apprentices as a result of their CAM experience.


Pepe, Physical Therapist, & Jose, a blind student

CAM provides a more traditional classroom setting for 80+ young children with various disabilities ages 3 months – 13 years old and offers physical therapy sessions. Some classrooms are specialized for students who are learning to communicate via sign language while other classrooms are organized by age/grade levels with a mix of students who may be visually impaired, have physical limitations or behavioral problems.CAM relies solely on donations for equipment, teaching/learning resources and supplies. Carrie’s Heart supports CAM by providing classroom school supplies and sponsoring a Christmas celebration with a gift specially selected for each child. SAIL has donated children’s walkers, woodworking tools, craft supplies, sports equipment, white canes and special balls for visually impaired students. Friends of Cozumel supporters have provided wood, craft materials and supplies for teachers. Numerous projects to benefit CAM students and teachers were completed during the February 2010 Mission Trip

CAM Laboral Wish List as of Feb. 2016

~ ingredients for cooking workshop: flour, sugar, vanilla, oil, butter, cream, cake/cookie decorations, pasta, tuna, mayonnaise; sturdy table to hold oven

~ computer workshop equipment: braille keyboards, headsets with microphones, amp/speaker & microphone, tablets such as iPads

~ craft workshop: crafting supplies, simple shelving unit for storage of supplies


Vanessa’s story and the need for children’s walkers . . .

Tour CAM

Vanessa in buggy

In October 2008 when we first met Vanessa, she was a bright little girl confined to a baby buggy because her leg muscles were not fully developed to walk on her own. She watched from her buggy while other classmates were able to walk and play together. Pepe, CAM’s physical therapist, had worked with Vanessa to further develop her muscles. However, there were no child size walkers with wheels available on the island or to order to assist Vanessa in being mobile. Adult size walkers modified to children’s height were too heavy for her to lift. CAM staff shared with us that several other children like Vanessa would be able to walk if they could obtain children’s walkers with wheels.
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Walker donation

SAIL donates walkers

Ilene and Byron Kendrick volunteers from Sherman, Texas learned of the need for children’s walkers during a CAM school tour in Oct. 2008 during the pilot Mission Trip sponsored by Friends of Cozumel. Ilene, returned to Texas determined to find and bring children’s walkers to CAM as donations when the SAIL group she coordinates (women’s bible study cruise group) visited the island in January of 2009.

SAIL brought donated walkers and the Kendricks brought another when they returned on a cruise in February 2009. Donated walkers were provided by families whose children used them in early years and others were new donations from a medical supply company.

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Standing for 1st time

First time standing

Using Parallel Bars

Parallel bars built by volunteers

Seeing Vanessa and another little boy stand and walk for the first time was priceless! Now Vanessa is independently mobile for the first time in her life. The donated walkers have truly changed these children’s lives. They have access to walkers at school and a loaned one is available for them to use in their home.Friends of Cozumel Mission Trip volunteers designed, constructed and donated parallel bars to CAM as part of our mission trip in February, 2010. The bars help Vanessa and other disabled students further develop their motor skills during physical therapy.

THANKS to SAIL, mission trip volunteers and other donors, children at the CAM school have benefitted from special equipment and learning resources.

To view our current wish list click here.



CAM School entrance

CAM School entrance; Av. 45 ~ 1/2 block south of Calle 3 Sur by DIF park

Operations and Contact Information:1:30 – 4:30 p.m. Afternoon classes only; all ages

Note: All contacts to school must be Spanish only

Director (afternoons): Miguel Zetina
Director’s cell: (987) 112-7379

Physical Therapist: Pepe

For info or donations (English or Spanish) contact:
Karen Pedersen, Friends of Cozumel

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