Wish Lists – Community Needs

The Wish Lists are identified by local community leaders with Friends of Cozumel volunteers and reviewed quarterly. Items focus on directly benefitting children and families “in need” (those less fortunate who have very limited resources) and non-profit efforts that provide educational opportunities, spiritual guidance and other support for children and families. Our goal is to help families become self-sufficient and improve their quality of life. Occasionally the Wish Lists include needs to benefit the broader community related to the environment, health and safety, culture, etc.

There are different types of needs and options for giving . . .

  • In-kind contributions providing needed items/services
  • One-time cash gift for local purchase of a specific need or sponsorship of an event
  • Ongoing cash donation to support on-going operational needs
  • Undesignated gift to use for the greatest need
  • ALL cash donations are appreciated regardless of the amount. Donations may partially fund a specific effort that may be added to contributions of others.

For Wish Lists . . . Go To
CAM School for Children with Disabilities
Christian Education and Evangelism
Families In Need and School Supplies

CAM School – For futher information about CAM School click here

Est. Cost Ongoing Needs
In-kind Craft materials for young women’s class. In kind donations of glitter glue; plastic mesh; beads/elastic thread; ribbon, etc.
$15 – $60 Sports equipment (balls for soccer, basketball, etc.) Can be purchased locally or transported deflated to save space.

CAM Laboral Wish List as of Feb. 2016

~ ingredients for cooking workshop: flour, sugar, vanilla, oil, butter, cream, cake and cookie decorations, pasta, tuna, mayonnaise; sturdy table to hold oven

~ computer workshop equipment: braille keyboards, headsets with microphones, small amp/speaker & hand-held microphone, tablets such as iPads

~ craft workshop: crafting supplies for jewelry, hair accessories and key chains for boys and girls ages 14-22; simple shelving unit for storage of supplies


MINISTRIES For more information about ministries click here.

Est. Cost Specific Needs
$100 Materials to make two wood bases/pillars that match the cross for flower arrangements for worship platform. Labor to be provided by mission volunteers. Replaces old chipped concrete pillars that are heavy to move.
In-Kind Supplies Worship area decorations (i.e. banners) to reinforce bible themes. Potential mission project. Need design ideas, materials, etc. Design ideas should be simple, transcend language/cultural differences; made of materials to withstand humid, tropical climate.
$30-50 Purchase whiteboard or chalkboard for church announcements and Christian education.
Est. Cost Ongoing Needs
In-Kind Christian items with to use for youth outreach and bible school (i.e. bracelets, T-shirts, bags)
In-Kind Spanish Christian youth teaching materials. Lesson plans, coloring pages, puppet scripts, etc.
In-Kind Children’s ministry supplies: crayons, markers, pencils, scissors, paper, etc.
$5 + Spanish Bibles. See Bible Blessings Ministry

Families “In Need” and School Supplies


Est. Cost Specific Needs
In-kind See School Supplies Project for list of in-kind donation needs. Highest priority needs for 2015 are backpacks, messenger bags and athletic shoes children’s sizes 3 through adult sizes 9.
Est. Cost Ongoing Needs
$20 – $300 Emergency food supplies for families ($20 buys food staples for one family)
In-Kind Inexpensive reading glasses for youth, men and women. Various magnification levels: 1X -3.5X
In-Kind Tarps for families and non-profit organizations to protect homes and possessions from rain

3 thoughts on “Wish Lists – Community Needs

  1. carl martin

    hello karen .im returning for a short time at the end of june..i mhave a small amount of space to bring somethings….what willwork right now??thanks carl

  2. Susan Feiler

    I have some fabric, a brand new serger sewing machine and some craft materials I’d like to donate. I live in Cozumel. Where do I drop them off?


  3. Becky Russell

    I may be going to Cozumel in June. This is an annual dive trip. We may be able to transport some light weight supplies and would be blessed to do it.

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