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Friends of Cozumel is not a religious based effort. We’re an informal network of families, friends, colleagues, donors and volunteers representing diverse beliefs who share a common interest in benefitting families in need as well as the broader community of Cozumel, Mexico.

We think of ministries in a broad sense . . . ministering to the emotional and spiritual needs of people that occurs in different ways and settings, both within and outside organized religion. We value supporting community efforts and organizations that are inclusive and welcome all regardless of religious affiliation.

That being said, Friends of Cozumel directly supports several different types of ministries that reach out to children and families in need. We primarily support mission efforts and organizations with limited resources that focus on education and encourage individuals to take responsibility for improving their lives. We also help individuals, families and organizations, including church groups, to support missions of their choice.

 Bible Blessings is a special project to provide bibles to various ministries


Bible Blessings Ministry This special ministry was initiated in October 2008 to bring bibles to the island to share among various churches and pastors leading mission efforts. It is now an ongoing effort to put the word of God in new believers’ hands.

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 Vida Abundante is a dynamic Christian Outreach Ministry”  width=

Vida Abundante (Abundant Life) Church
You won’t find a church building for Vida Abundante. Co-Pastors Salomón and Mariela along with their congregation are developing an outdoor worship area. While they lack material resources many established churches have, there is no lack of enthusiasm and dedication to outreach efforts ministering to those in need. Vida Abundante uses innovative efforts, special events and local volunteers to reach families without a church home.

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