School Supplies

We will distribute backpacks and school supplies to over 800 students this coming year.  Many thanks

Following is a list of the supplies we still need for the school year 2024-2025


  • Large (18-19″) Girls Backpacks 
  • Large (18-19″) Boys Backpacks
  • Smaller Girls Backpacks (Kinder-3rd)
  • Smaller Boys Backpacks (Kinder-3rd)
  • Pens – Black
  • Pens – Blue 
  • Dry Erase Markers – black 
  • Correction Tape 
  • Yellow Highlighters 
  • Scientific Calculators (100)
  • English/Spanish Dictionaries (100)

Tips for finding bargains from our school supply super shoppers: 

  • Fall is the best time to find backpacks at reduced prices in discount stores like Walmart and drugstores (Walgreens, CVS) because they clear out school inventory to feature holiday items. Talk to the manager and offer $2 or $3 each for backpacks.
  • Check the sales bins of office supply stores for close-out deals.
  • Online shoppers . . .  When searching on – search for “bulk” items.  For example, you can purchase a package of 50 blue pens for $5.79 or a box of 144 for approximately $11.00.  USB drives are another great online deal when purchased in quantity (i.e. Amazon) and take up little space to transport.
  • If you are flying to Cozumel, BE SURE TO KEEP YOUR RECEIPTS and have them handy when you arrive to show Customs officials if requested.

General Information

~  The need – Attending a public school is “free”. However, families must furnish the learning supplies (very expensive to buy locally) plus purchase required uniforms and shoes. Families who can’t afford these expenses for all their school age children, may have to decide which children to send to school or what basic needs to go without (i.e. food, rent/utilities, health related expenses) to pay for school supplies. Supplies are only distributed to children “in need” identified by local pastors, Friends of Cozumel volunteers and other local leaders who have personal knowledge of family situations.

~  Our goal – Provide basic school supplies and athletic shoes required for physical education for 800+ youth (kindergarten through college ages 4-18+) including 135 children at the CAM schools that support children with disabilities.

~ We coordinate with Chrysalis  for children in need, to avoid duplication of resources.

~ Local businesses are supported through the purchase of most paper products and other items needed to supplement in-kind donations received.

~ Excess donated supplies are used to help more children, given to the CAM school for children with disabilities, youth ministries and/or Bible School.

~ Donations of cash or school supplies are accepted year-round in Cozumel or in the US by Friends of Cozumel volunteers in Iowa, Nebraska or Texas. School supplies are distributed in late July or early August.

This is an excellent project for families, cruise groups, schools, churches and civic groups.

9 thoughts on “School Supplies

  1. pedersenll Post author

    Hi Heidi – you can contact me on my US phone (515) 249-9241. I’d be happy to meet up with you personally or we have multiple dropoff options. I’ve sent you an email with addresses and options. THANK YOU for thinking about us!

  2. Heidi Lewis

    Hola, we’re bringing school supplies when we visit next week, June 11-18. Please let me know where to drop them off. Gracias.

  3. Mike Larsen

    We are coming to Cozumel in a few weeks and were planning to bring some school supplies. Where can we drop them off?

  4. Marsha Peters

    We will be donating school supplies as outlined above. Where can we meet to give you the supplies? We will be docked on a cruise ship for the day. We will arrive on April 2018.


  5. Nicole Huffman Hollins

    My family would like to help with the school supplies project. We will be in Cozumel on May 28, 2016. What can we do to help before or at that time?

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  8. Darla Gatte

    Hello, My family has a trip planned to Cozumel at the end of April. We’ll be in town one day, arriving on a cruise. I was searching for a way to incorporate a service project into our trip and wondered if you are stil in need school supplies.

    Please contact me and we will see what we can do in the few weeks before our trip.

    Thank you.

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