Blessed to be a blessing

A few days ago, I received a message via WhatsApp on my phone from a local mother:  

Rosa with her 4 children

“Hola buenas tardes disculpa la molestia pero quisiera saber si me podrían ayudar con despensa por favor si necesito para mis hijos.”

“Hello, good afternoon.  Forgive me for bothering you but I would like to know if you can provide me assistance with a food box please. I need it for my children.” 

Rommel showing off his new face mask. We purchases face masks made by a local mother for families that can’t afford to buy this protection

The mother (Rosa) is a single parent with 4 children ages 7-14. She makes a living cleaning homes but with the local economy this type of work is not to be found. The people that live on this island are very proud and most would prefer to be working and to earn a living and not have to rely on donations. Like most parents, their priority is the children. Rosa and other parents like her are very gracious and appreciative to be able to feed their children during these times.

Last Sunday I heard a message about “Choosing self-giving love over self-seeking living” and couldn’t agree more. Because of the wonderful support we’ve received from so many people we’ve had the resources to continue supporting the proud people of this island.

“Blessed to be a blessing,” my brother-in-law is frequently heard saying this phrase. It has never held as much meaning as it does right now for me here in Cozumel. I feel “very blessed” to be in a position to serve others in this time of need.

– Larry Pedersen

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