FOC donors gives backpacks with heart—July 29, 2019

Nearly 600 backpacks have been donated to Friends of Cozumel by people who care deeply about kids and their education. Each backpack is customized to hold the assortment of learning tools specific to that school’s requirements. The stockpile is staggering–big backpacks, small ones, some with cool graphics and glitter and others that are simple yet strong enough to hold the books and dreams of the students who will carry them. You could say they’re backpacks with a lot of heart.

In fact, 24 of those backpacks had a special addition crafted by artist Sharon Cavanaugh and five of her long-time friends. 

Sharon (third from left) and friends delivered donations on their cruise stop in Cozumel.

“This is the perfect way to honor our daughter Sarah,” Sharon wrote in a note that accompanied her donation. “We sewed little fabric hearts on each of the backpacks. The fabric is from Sarah’s clothes. It gives each one a little extra love.”   

Sarah died from complications of cancer in 2016. She was a fan of Jimmy Buffett, the Baltimore Ravens, elephants, dinosaurs, Disney princesses and most of all, her family and friends. She was the inspiration for the Connecticut Art School, owned and directed by Sharon. And Sarah helped create many great memories during past trips to Cozumel.

“This week we’ve been celebrating life and finding ways to spread joy, Sharon wrote. “Thank you for helping us to make that happen. If we make it back to Cozumel, I hope we have the chance to meet.”

And just maybe she’ll catch a glimpse of joy on a student’s face or a tiny heart sewn onto a backpack.

~ Phyllis from Nebraska

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