NOW is the time to buy school supplies for Friends of Cozumel—July 28, 2019

Here we are in the midst of distributing school supplies for the coming year and believe it or not, NOW is the time to also begin replenishing supplies for next year. Sounds crazy doesn’t it? But the fact is that prices for school supplies are at the best levels now as stores promote back to school for this year. We always do our distribution in Cozumel in July and the supplies have to be transported to the island so we can’t wait until next year’s back-to-school sales to buy them.

Here’s an example: A 12-count box of Cra-Z-Art colored pencils is typically $1.50-$1.97 but Walmart has them for $0.50 right now. We will more than 400 of these next year so last week, one of our volunteers went out and purchased 300 boxes at the current price to give us a start toward next year’s inventory. Thanks to her!

If you know you’ll be visiting Cozumel in the coming year and want to donate supplies to our effort to support 500+ students, do yourself a favor and purchase your supplies now so you can maximize your dollars. If you’re going to be on a cruise that stops through Cozumel it’s very easy to purchase a backpack and fill it with school supplies. Then when you stop in Cozumel, a local Friends of Cozumel volunteer will meet you to receive your donations. We once had a family of 14 on a cruise that brought us 14 backpacks, each filled with supplies. What a HUGE boost!

For a list of specific needs reference our website YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!

~ Larry from Cozumel and Florida

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