New Friends–Really, Really New Friends, July 22, 2012

Maria Paola is the newest friend of Friends of Cozumel.

Friends of Cozumel’s summer mission work has begun. The first visiting volunteers hit the ground running a few days ago and more will arrive in the next few days. It’s been great to reunite with old friends and find some new ones, too.

What 'fiesta de bebe' is complete without a cake?

Meet our newest friend, Maria Paola. She arrived in Cozumel just a few weeks ago and was the guest of honor at a ‘festival de bebe’—a baby shower—organized by Diane from Nebraska. She and her mother, Lili, are just two of the people being helped by Friends of Cozumel. With challenges of daily life in this island community, it was nice to give them some time to just have fun and celebrate the birth of a beautiful new family member.

White 'onesies' and permanent fabric markers made a great bi-lingual activity as well as a way to give the baby lasting good wishes.

Lili (left) enjoyed receiving gifts for the baby at the shower organized by Diane (right).

While not everyone could converse in each other’s language during the baby shower, that was no problem.

Diane arranged an activity where everyone passed their best wishes on to the baby using permanent fabric markers on brand new, white baby clothes. Then after opening gifts, a bit of dancing and eating cake, at least one of the party goers took a nap.

Meanwhile, back at the Friends of Cozumel headquarters, Larry worked on large, low table he is building for use at Casita Corazon. This therapy house is sponsored by Carries Heart and was renovated by FOC volunteers during the spring mission trip. It’s now in use by families with children who have disabilities. The table will hold both children and their therapists as they work on physical movement therapies.

Larry from Iowa works on a therapy table for Casita Corazon.

We’re full of energy (more or less) and ready to go on lots of different projects to help the community. Send us your comments, advice and best wishes to keep our energy level high. And we’ll keep you in the loop of all the new friends of Friends of Cozumel. –Phyllis

3 thoughts on “New Friends–Really, Really New Friends, July 22, 2012

  1. Jay Marshall

    WHOA……is that a table saw I see in the picture showing Larry building a table??? If it is…..I’m major jealous!!!!! Also, where’s Gary? It can’t be cervesa time already can it?

    Missing all you guys!!!! Wish we were there…’s a chilly 102 here today in Lincoln!

  2. Aimee

    Glad to see the baby pictures, can’t wait to meet her myself when we come in February! Thanks for sharing and for all that you do!

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