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Friends of Cozumel works closely with Carrie’s Heart, a Houton-based organization dedicated to improving the quality of life of children with disabilities worldwide. During our Feb ’12 mission week, we renovated a home called “Casita Corazon” (House of Heart) here in Cozumel to provide a resource center for local families with disabled children. Following is a thank you we recently received from Carrie Conn of Carrie’s Heart. We are pleased to share her message with you….

I hope the year is off to a positive start for everyone! I am super excited to bring you all some great news for Carrie’s Heart for 2012. Although things may have seemed quiet the past few months, behind the scenes we have been working super hard in Mexico taking our first steps in starting day activity programs for our sponsored children. For the past seven years we have worked on providing in-home care for our children in the Yucatan with the ultimate goal of wanting to one day provide them with a day program and respite for our parents.

I am so proud to announce that we now have two “casitas” or “little homes” up and running that are now being utilized for therapy, activities, parent training and distribution of resources for our families. Casita Corazon Cozumel is bright and airy with a wonderful patio area and garden for the children to enjoy. Casita Corazon Carrillo Puerto is open and spacious with an amazing tropical garden and palapa area for parties. The opportunity to rent the homes came at the right time and from people who have wonderful hearts and believe in the work we are doing.

Over the next few weeks I will be sharing information and pictures about this new step in our mission to care for the Carrie’s Heart kids. There are many ways that everyone can get involved with the work being done, including volunteering on mission trips and getting to meet the families. It has been an incredible journey this far and I never imagined when I began that we would be on this path of the journey so soon.

I am so grateful to all who have supported us in our work. From donors, to volunteers, to sponsors, to business partners, and to friends & family…it began with a calling from MY heart that you all believed in. OUR hearts united is what has allowed us to improve the quality of life of the Carrie’s Heart children in very significant and life changing ways.

Carrie Conn – Carrie’s Heart

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