Cozumel Development. . .Businesses & Streets–July 7, 2011

The island continues to grow. A great deal of development is taking place “back” beyond Avenida 65 (a mile or more inland from the ocean) where few tourists venture. There is always a controversy about development . . . How much is too much? Can the island support it? How does development change the “charm” and local culture? On the other hand, some see this trend as “opportunity” for economic development, providing employment, affordable housing, availability of goods and services to help local families as well and foreign residents.

We thought volunteers and donors who haven’t visited the island recently might enjoy seeing photos below that we took a couple of weeks ago. Watch for more photos of new housing developments, services and parks in the coming days.

July 1st was the grand opening for Sam’s Club and Bodega Aurrera (similar to WalMart) located on Calle 11 and Ave. 85. US Sam’s Club membership cards are accepted at Cozumel’s new Sam’s Club.

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As you continue on Calle 11 further inland you’ll see the new PEMEX. It opened early in 2011 and is the island’s fourth gas station. Lines are much, much shorter at this one.

In the coming months watch for a new large Coppel department store (appliances, clothing, etc.) currently being built on the corner of Benito Juarez (Transversal Road) and Ave. 65. This is the intersection with the Conch Shell sculpture.

A significant grid of new wide divided streets is nearly completed that provides north-south traffic flow about two miles inland with east-west connections to the new vehicle ferry pier, the Transversal Road and other key locations. Some of the new streets also have separate bike paths. More photos will be posted in the coming days ~~ Karen & Larry

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