A Love Story

Jared Nelson and Sara Pancharoen fell in love all over the world–but especially in Mexico. They have a passion for travel and recently returned to Mexico for their wedding on Isla Mujeres—just a few miles from Cozumel. Jared and Sara also love to immerse themselves in local culture and get to know the people, so they jumped at the chance to help Friends of Cozumel.

Prior to their wedding, Jared and Sara asked their guests to consider tucking a couple of spiral notebooks into their luggage to donate to the FOC school supplies project. Gary and I were two of the lucky guests attending their wedding. We had arranged to take donations to Cozumel after the wedding, but we knew that “good clothes” and other necessities would take priority in packing. We were so surprised when a big pile of notebooks was handed to us at the rehearsal dinner. Then another pile appeared outside our hotel room door. Then some were brought to breakfast and more to the beach. In all, we ended up with FIFTY notebooks, several boxes of pencils and several pairs of very gently worn shoes from Avery, the flower girl.

What a wonderful gift these wedding guest donations made—all in honor of Jared and Sara and their love. Thank you to this special couple and their friends and family. — Phyllis

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