Cozumel Development . . . New Neighborhoods & Services–July 15, 2011

The development occuring on the island is amazing.  In our last post were photos of new businesses and streets between 1 – 2 miles inland.  Remember when track housing developments became popular in US suburbs in the 1960’s and ’70’s?  Whew . . . now I’m dating myself!  It was difficult for me to imagine local housing developments of this type springing up on the island, especially since it is common to see very modest dwellings made of reclaimed materials in close proximity to elegant residences.
Having a place to call their own, regardless of the size or amenities, is a dream for many local families.  Home loan programs are helping families turn their dream into a reality.  The photos below are examples of new one or two room family homes being constructed out by the new PEMEX station about two miles inland near Calle 11.  Photo left:  Back view of homes under construction.  Photo right:  Front view of homes in this same development that are about a year old.  

Miraflores is a “planned development” that began a couple of years ago that contains a couple of different models families can purchase. 
There are other types of developments where streets and electricity have been installed (left photo directly below).  Small plots of land are available for purchase.  Families develop their lot over time with whatever type of housing they can afford.  See the example of a traditional family home made of wood pole construction with lamina roof and stone fence (right photo below).   
Most of the new housing developments have designated community space for a central park play area as well as other services.  Churches and other non-profit organizations have the opportunity to apply to purchase a lot at a discounted rate in these new developments to ensure that services are integrated in the new neighborhoods.  Vida Abundante (Abundant Life) Church has applied for the opportunity to purchase a discounted lot in a new development similar to Buen Pastor Presbyterian Church’s open air worship center with a palapa roof and cement floor shown below.  We were excited to see an entire airplane assembled in one of the parks that is under development.  What a great opportunity for children to learn about transportation! ~~Karen

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