NUAFA Celebrates Preschool Graduation – June 18, 2010

Children at Graduation

Listening to Eloisa share their accomplishments and antics

Eloisa Buenfil - President and founder of NUAFA speaks to the graduates and their families

Eloisa Buenfil - President and Founder of NUAFA addresses the graduates and their families during the ceremony

Over 50 family members gathered at NUAFA Friday evening to celebrate an important rite of passage . . . four year olds “graduating” from preschool daycare. Although all these families have very limited resources, they pooled their collective resources and recruited sponsors to provide a memorable event.

It was an honor for me the mothers of the children and NUAFA Co-Founders requested I be the “madrina” (godmother) for this year’s graduation. Friends of Cozumel has been supporting NUAFA for 3 and 1/2 years since this age group of children began daycare. It was great fun seeing each child beam with pride as they were individually recognized and received their diploma.

Dr. Lourdes, a respected doctor, was the speaker for an program for parents just prior to the graduation ceremony. Eloisa Buenfil, President & Founder of NUAFA, is the smart volunteer leader of this non-profit organization who looks for every opportunity to educate parents.

It is always amazing to me how things come together the moment an event begins. For example, the mothers and staff planned to make white togas for the graduating children to wear but a last minute change resulted in the children having actual graduation gowns complete with mortarboards and tassels (some clearly were drapery tie-backs “borrowed” from homes of employers or friends). Local folks are very resourceful! Quantities of donated food appeared. Like many local celebrations, refreshments consisted of pasta, pop (all types of soda), and “pastel” (Spanish for cake).

NUAFA 2010 Graduating Class

NUAFA 2010 Graduating Class

Eloisa Buenfil addresses the graduation group

A graduate is very proud of her certificate

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