NUAFA Daycare is growing – June 17, 2010

Slowly but surely the word in the community is spreading about NUAFA’s high quality educational daycare and as a result NUAFA is growing!
The number of daycare children ages 1-4 has increased to 25

Nearly all are from families with very limited resources and qualify to receive “becas”, food scholarships from SEDESOL (a federal government oversight agency) for two nutritious meals + snacks daily

The number of employees has increased to 6 (4 young women daycare assistants + 2 Co-Founders: Eloisa Buenfil, President, and Candi Buenfil, recently changed her role to serving as full-time cook)

Anticipating “Graduation”

Tomorrow, June 18th will be a very special celebration for 4 years olds who are “graduating” from daycare to begin kindergarten in August. Celebrations are taken VERY seriously here in Mexico! A visitor might think preparations were underway for something the magnitude of a high school or college graduation. Mothers of the children and NUAFA staff are preparing food, white togas for the children to wear, special “headgear”, graduation certificates and have issued invitations to other family members.
As the “madrina” (honored sponsor or “Godmother”) for this event I was asked to provide the cake which I am glad to donate as it is one of the more expensive items these families cannot afford to purchase. It has required three personal trips to the grocery store bakery just to get someone willing to take the order and then a prolonged conversation about the merits of ordering chocolate vs. tres leches (three milks), THE traditional celebratory cake. We’re starting a pool for how fast this 3 kilo cake will melt once we leave the AC in the grocery store to deliver it to NUAFA in the 90+ degree temp and 100% humidity here . . . winnings will be donated to NUAFA of course!

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