Learning to sew leads to jobs & saves money – June 25, 2010

NUAFA Sewing Class

Part of the 2010 Summer Beginning Sewing Class sponsored by NUAFA

A small group of eight women gather three times a week for a couple of hours with their instructor to learn basic sewing skills. This week they completed 2/3 of a three month sewing class. They have already learned how to make their own patterns and completed a blouse, skirt and dress.

When I visited the class to take the photo above, they were ALL very excited about what they are learning. Only one of the women had any previous sewing experience. Most plan to use their skills to sew for their family and a couple of them are hoping to get jobs as seamstresses making school uniforms and basic alterations.

Sewing classes are one of the “Los Talleres” (means workshops in Spanish), an educational program sponsored by NUAFA (Heart of Family Support). This summer class is smaller than the normal class size of 10-20 participants but these women have been anxiously looking forward to learning and promised to attend consistently so they could graduate before school begins in August. Other women’s job training classes will begin in the fall if NUAFA is able to obtain donor sponsorship.

Los Talleres has a positive influence on the participants, their families and the community. What is the impact?

  1. Women learn new hands-on skills
  2. These skills enable them to support their families by preparing them for jobs, to begin home based businesses and/or use the skills to save their family money.
  3. It encourages self-sufficiency and contributes to breaking the cycle of poverty.
  4. Increases self confidence
  5. Provides a positive support network to meet other women who are improving their lives.
  6. Provides information about community resources to help their families. Participants are expected to attend other educational programs in addition to their skills classes.

Special THANKS to the donors of this class . . .

Diane Schroeder, Donor

Diane Schroeder, Iowa donor, visited NUAFA Jan. 2010

Candi & Eloisa with Indira Moreno of SAIL

Candi & Eloisa Buenfil, NUAFA Co-Founders with Indira Moreno, SAIL

Diane met with NUAFA staff, Elizabeth Chan (Instructor), and several previous sewing class participants when she visited this winter. Diane’s personal interest in sewing led her to provide a very generous cash donation that is paying for the instructor’s stipend.

The 2010 SAIL Group provided in-kind donations of fabric and other sewing supplies for use by sewing class participants when they visited Cozumel in January. Previous SAIL donations included new sewing machines purchased in the fall of 2008.

Donor sponsorship (both financial and in-kind resources) is critical to providing learning opportunities. Friends of Cozumel is seeking sponsorship for classes to begin this fall. Click here to see the Wish List of needs for Los Talleres–Karen

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