Reflections on Our Mission/Community Services Work – Oct. 23-Nov. 1, 2009

It’s 3 pm on Sunday afternoon and we’ve taken off from Cozumel, headed back to Dallas. As the plane levels off at 33,000 feet I find myself reflecting on the work that we did in the past week and at the same time, looking ahead to next February, when we hope to do this all over again.

In the past week, we’ve visited four local families and brought them a hand-built high chair for Jose, bathing centers and activity centers for Diana Laura and Gladys, and food, clothes and shoes for a family of 13 children. We’ve had the pleasure of attending services with a local husband/wife pastor team and do some planning with them for future outreach programs while ordering 300 additional bible for use on the island. We also visited the local CAM school which supports disabled children and now have a project list that promises to keep us quite busy in February.

As I think back to the homes we visited and the families that we were able to help, these people have so little compared to many of us and yet they are very happy and most appreciative. It makes one feel very content to be able to give to others and in our own ways, help make their lives a little better.

Honestly, I can’t wait until February comes and we have even more people in our group to work together and continue giving back to the island we enjoy so much.

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