Project update – Ready to Deliver to Families – Oct. 30, 2009

We have been busy working on projects for three local families with special needs children.
Finished Chair

The high chair being built for Jose was recently completed. The sealer has been applied and the seat cushion has been made. Byron and Larry are happy with the final results of this project.

We are excited to take this chair out to Jose’s family for them to use.

The two bathing centers are also now complete as we’re done with final assembly.

We have two families with daughters requiring special care. The mothers did not have a convenient way to bathe their daughters so we were tasked with building frames that could place the children at a height to make it easier for the mothers to work with them and the frames had to be collapsable for storage purposes as these families have very little room in their homes. The solution was to build frames out of PVC pipe and incorporate heavy duty nylon straps underneath to support the weight of the child and water in the tub.

The bathing center ready to be delivered

Folded Bathing Center

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