Water Systems delivered to 16 families

On June 1st, sixteen water systems that filter out the impurities in the ground water and tap water were delivered to local families living in an area called “The Ranchitos” which is located on the transversal road that runs between the East and West sides of the island.

Having these systems will eliminate the expense of purchasing purified water and provides some economic relief for these families. This group of water systems was delivered by Judy Buchanan Campagna and her group #TogetherWeAREMakingADifference. It’s wonderful when different groups can collaborate to jointly help local families that need additional support.

This type of effort would not be possible without the contributions of many people and organizations. Worldwide Christian Scuba Divers has been providing water filters to Friends of Cozumel for 4+ years. Another organization, Everybody Fed has also provided us with funding to purchase materials and supplies to make the bases and purchase the buckets. Lastly, many of our volunteers have participated in constructing the wooden stands and assembling the filters and faucets.

Legs and supports are cut to size
Installing the filters
Legs are attached to a support base
Completed systems ready for distribution

To date, Friends of Cozumel has placed over 200 water systems with local families.

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