Preparing For Distance Learning During Coronavirus

Cozumel students have now started the school year with distance learning.  They are accessing classes in various ways depending on their particular school and level:  

  1. Televised classes are offered on several cable channels
  2. Short learning videos with homework assignments via a cell phone application WhatsApp
  3. Via computer online
Modified school supply packets distributed this year

The challenge for many families with very limited resources is the reliance on some form of technology with access to cable TV and/or internet that most do not have in their homes. 

Friends of Cozumel modified our school supply distribution this year to provide the basic resources students need now to do distance learning from home  (one notebook, basic supplies like pens, pencils, sets of colored pencils, rulers, etc. packaged together).  The rest of the supplies like backpacks, more notebooks, specialty items, and paper products will be distributed later when/if students return to in-person classes at the schools.

This year’s distribution process was significantly modified: 

Instructions sent to participants
  • One representative per family vs. all the children coming
  • Social distancing guidelines observed as they arrived as well as inside the church
  • Temperatures taken
  • Shoes sanitized
  • Hand gel at entrance
  • Face masks mandatory

A clear set of instructions was sent to participants detailing the requirements of this year’s distribution process. This process was designed to keep volunteers, hosts and participants as safe as possible.

The volunteers showed great resilience, many were parents of students as well as prepa/university students who receive scholarships from Friends of Cozumel.

The largest distribution was on August 16 & 17th to about 430 students but we are still involved in providing basic packets to families in need because we made up approximately 70 extra packets. In addition, a total of 135 students in CAM primaria and CAM secundaria schools will also be receiving basic supplies.

Watch for future posts sharing how we are helping families overcome challenges of how to access distance learning. 

If you’d like to help us provide school supplies and basic necessities to the community, go to our page how to make a donation or via PayPal.

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