COZUMEL: Current Status during Coronavirus

Cozumel’s current status (without widespread testing) as of June 17, 2020:

  • 64 Positive cases
  • 35 Recovered
  • 26% hospital occupancy
  • 14 deaths

The island is currently in “orange” status, meaning selected businesses/organizations can operate at 25-30% capacity. Public beaches, bars, schools are closed and medium or large group gatherings are not allowed. There is a nightly curfew 9pm until 5am. Although there are frequent announcements and changes regarding restrictions, generally the governor evaluates the status weekly based on # of cases and readiness to move to “yellow” status when Cozumel can further re-open for tourism and employment.

Meanwhile, businesses and organizations are preparing their facilities and training employees to comply with COVID-19 protocols. For example, Vida Abundante church pastors have participated in certification training and began services on Sunday, June 14 for a limited number of attendees.

We are very blessed with generous donations that have resulted in the following impact from March 15 – June 15:

Pastora Mariela preparing food at Vida Abundante
  • 97 food “despensas” (supply) deliveries benefitted 480 people
  • 21 deliveries of formula, cereal, ecological diapers and/or wipes support 12 infants
  • 12 medical expenses were provided for prescriptions and transportation to appointments
  • 1,114 family size portions (benefitting 4,337 persons) of prepared food have been distributed by Vida Abundante pastoral family. They are providing this take-home service three times per week. Families who are out of work may send one representative. The number of families coming has increased 2.5 times in the past three months and they begin lining up at 5:30am respecting social distancing protocols.
  • 563 kilos (1,240lbs) of tortillas donated by a local tortilla shop have been distributed by the pastors
  • Free internet access, use of laptops and printer/copier is provided at Vida Abundante to support students’ homework

Watch for future postings about special needs that are emerging during the coronavirus. To donate go to our page how to make a donation or via PayPal

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