Friends of Cozumel Holds Orientation for Mission Week – July 25, 2019

The living room of the Cozumel home was crowded as the energy of Spanish and English conversations continued to escalate. Returning volunteers were eager to greet friends they they hadn’t seen since working together at the previous Mission Week. First-time volunteers may have wondered what in the world they’d gotten themselves into. But they soon found out during the orientation to this summer’s Mission Week last night. 

They learned that FOC priorities continue to be education, support of children with special needs, serving the community and promotion of volunteerism.

This summer’s projects will range from school supply distribution to more than 500 students, to a water therapy pool party for students with autism, a Gran Bazar, eye glass distribution, and workshops.

To accomplish that, 57 volunteers have converged from the U.S., Canada and Mexico. 

Six volunteers are joining us for the first time. Sixteen are youth who in addition to receiving scholarship support from FOC, want to give back by helping out. There are also eight family groups amongst our volunteers, including one family with participants from three generations.

There’s a lot of work to do and we welcome you to follow our progress. Check out our blog or Facebook page during the next week to see how we’re putting your donations, encouragement and financial support to work.  

~ Phyllis from Nebraska

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