Sawdust, Candle Dust—it’s All for a Good Cause–Jan. 30, 2018

From left: Sue, Sandy and Lorie use machetes and hammers to break up hardened wax.

Volunteers got started early this morning preparing for upcoming workshops and construction projects. Saws and electric sanders out-sang the warblers and grackles. Sawdust was everywhere. It looked liked sawdust anyway, but it was yellow, blue and green. And the dust around the feet of the re-purposing workshop volunteers was magenta and waxy.

First time volunteer Lorie worked alongside island resident Sandy to chop up old candles for use in buddy burner survival candles. Magenta chunks of wax fell from the machete and were gathered up for use in tomorrow’s re-purposing workshop.

Jerry sanded the primary colors off small tables and chairs that needed refurbishing while several others cut lengths of board to construct picnic tables for the CAM school for children with disabilities.

Byron uses a sawzall to break down a reclaimed pallet.

Dudley and Mick, also first-time FOC volunteers, used hammers and crowbars to break down reclaimed pallets into usable wood for several projects. Embracing FOC’s commitment to making the most of the resources available, they even salvaged the old nails for reuse.

After preparing all the supplies, raw materials and tools, volunteers dusted themselves off and packed up for tomorrow’s workshops.

“Yeah, we’re filthy, but it’s for a good cause,” said Gary from Nebraska. ###


Jerry (left) and Al sand a children’s table.

Dudley preps pallet wood for the upcoming re-purposing workshop.

Ray and Kristin put most of the paint on their projects–but not all of it.

Mick prepares wood for one of several up-cycling projects.

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