Volunteers Come From Far and Near for FOC Work – Jan. 29, 2018

Volunteers have come from near and far to work with Friends of Cozumel.

Volunteers gathered today at the Friends of Cozumel international headquarters for the 2018 Winter Mission Week.

“We use the word mission in the broader sense to mean service,” said Karen, one of FOC’s organizers. “We’ve shifted from doing things for people to doing things with people to help them learn how to do it for themselves and become self-sufficient.”

This week’s work will focus on three areas: education, youth with special needs, and families in need.

Educational efforts include informal learning of life skills through a variety of workshops to teach youth, adult and families about re-

purposing plastic, wood pallets, old t-shirts and other reclaimed items; sewing bags, boxers and other simple clothing; woodworking; and building percussion instruments for music.

Activities for youth with special needs includes holding cooking and craft workshops for children with disabilities and building therapy equipment.

We’ll also help families in need by providing some basic needs of food and safe drinking water.

Approximately 30 volunteers from North Carolina, Nebraska, Texas, Iowa, Illinois and Canada, joining several FOC volunteers living in Cozumel.

“This is my first time to do this,” said Sue from Nebraska. “I’m so impressed with what I’ve seen so far. Everyone is sharing their skills to do so many cool things.”

We hope you’ll check back with us throughout the week as we tackle a long list of projects. Share your comments and encouragement and we’ll share our experiences with you. ~ Phyllis from Nebraska

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