New Roofs Being Added to Vida Abundante Pastors Quarters – Sept 2014


View from front door of dining room

Imagine you are remodeling your home and this is the view from the front door! That is exactly what is happening at Vida Abundante Church this month. The roof that was previously over the dining room (current photo) was made out of a cardboard material one year ago and had a hole in the middle of it that was covered by plastic tarps. As you might imagine, every time it rained there was water inside the room. Thanks to some generous donations, the church has sufficient funds to put new cement roofs over this room and the room next door which serves as the bedroom for all four children.

Forms for roof

The forms being put into place

Pastor Mariela’s father happens to do this kind of cement work and graciously offered to come to Cozumel and stay for a number of weeks to complete this project. Prior doorways are being enclosed and new entrances created. Various window openings are being closed, resized and opened up. A new office area is being created as part of a room expansion and a larger kitchen area is going to be created to finally allow sufficient space to create meals for this family of six!

As you can imagine, living amongst all of this demolition and construction with cement, sand and dust is a bit challenging but the family is taking it in stride. They are excited with the prospect of living in quarters that will remain dry during the frequent rains that arrive regularly.

Once the roof work has been completed, additional work will be done when the Volunteer Christian Builders group arrives in October. They plan to collectively provide 100 hours of volunteer labor during a one day visit. Plans are to build and install some inner wall partitions to provide the children with their own areas, shelving for the dining and office areas and to apply sealer on the new rooftops.

With the recent purchase, Vida Abundante Church can now justify making these necessary improvements. The church is very grateful for all of the generous donations of money, labor and assistance that have allowed this to become a reality.

Roof is ready

Reinforcing rods have been put into place.

A mixer will greatly aid in preparing the cement

A mixer will greatly aid in preparing the cement

The first of many batches is  ready

The first of many batches is ready

Loading the mixer

Pouring cement is a very manual process.

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