Vida Abundante Church Reaches 75% of Land Purchase Goal – August 2014

How many empanadas must be sold to buy a lot in Cozumel?

Remember math story problems? UGH . . . I hated them. The descriptions were confusing and didn’t seem relevant to everyday life. Now I “get it”. Each empanada, panucho, and salbute hand made and sold by Vida Abundante Church members takes them a step closer to realizing their vision. “Our vision is to purchase this land as a center of spiritual help, a refuge and education center. But the costs are high. Our vision is big, but so is God. He will help us.” ~ Pastor Salomon.

Delicious Empanadas

This boy thinks the empanadas are great!

One week and ~ $1,500 USD gap in funds remain before Vida Abundante’s $10,000 USD land payment is due September 1. The fund shortage on Sep. 1 will be filled by an interest free loan provided by a donor.

The next BIG challenge is the final land payment of $6,240 USD due December 31, 2014. Interested in supporting the church to realize their dream? Click here for a financial plan update or to learn about the “Vida Abundante Land Purchase and How You Can Help”.

This is a “good news” story filled with blessings. Pastors and church members are excited, motivated and working very hard to continue to raise funds for the land payments at the same time they are reaching out to serve the community. They definitely have “skin in the game”.

Even youth have provided personal pledges (setting aside pesos they might otherwise spend on snacks). A teen group raised 700 pesos (~ $56 USD) selling decorative hair items and jewelry at a Gran Bazar . . . a first time experience for them pricing items, displaying, selling and making change.

Vida Abundante’s commitment to serving God in the community (vs. an internal focus like many congregations) has been recognized by a Mexican pastor in Cancun who provided a significant personal donation to initiate the land purchase.

Members of the church working the kermes

The family of Reyes (members of Vida Abundante) is working the booth

MUCHAS GRACIAS to many individuals, families and groups who have provided one-time or ongoing monthly donations. It is humbling and inspirational to be involved in an effort like this where people give from their heart without expectations of personal recognition.

Answer to “How many empanadas must be sold to pay the balance due on the lot?” . . . 19,350 @ $.40USD.
HOLY GUACAMOLE!! . . . that is a LOT of empanadas (tortillas folded in half stuffed with cheese, beans or ground beef flash fried in hot oil) to make and sell. Care to come help make/buy them or provide a donation? ~ Karen from Cozumel

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