Moving Mountains – March 15, 2014

Sharyn and Julie disembarked from the cruise ship in matching t-shirts that said “I Move Mountains.” The shirts were from Sharyn’s place of work in Texas, but the slogan seemed appropriate for their day of volunteer work with Friends of Cozumel.

Sharyn and Julie

They wanted a job to do – we had one for them!.

They showed up at Vida Abundante church to deliver donations on behalf of Sharyn’s mother Joyce. Then they said “We’ve got the rest of the day. Put us to work.” Soon they were up to their elbows in dirt, transplanting young palm trees for the church altar. After that, they grabbed paint brushes and helped transform the stained bare block walls on the pastors’ quarters.

Friends of Cozumel is so grateful for volunteers’ time and donors’ generosity, but we also really appreciate those helping us make connections with others who want to give back to the community. Sharyn and Julie showed that a couple of simple connections can move mountains–or donations–great distances. The school supplies and bras came from women in Joyce’s U.S. church. Joyce made the FOC connection through Ilene and Byron Kendrick, two of the FOC leadership team who know her through mutual involvement in Volunteer Christian Builders.

Julie and Sharyn

Julie and Sharyn also got to try painting.

Thanks to Sharyn and Julie for helping to make the connection. And thanks for your time, labor and your own generous financial donation. We can all move mountains in our own way. Contact Friends of Cozumel if you have donations but need help getting them to the island. We just may be able to connect with some cruisers coming our way.

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