Angels visit Cozumel – February 5, 2013

Sample of the finished product

The thirst for learning continued to blossom Tuesday morning. Diane had shown the women at the craft class a sample of a ribbon angel. Their imaginations took flight with so many ideas of what they could do with these angels that another class was scheduled. Becky, Karen, Sara, Sandy, and Ilene agreed to return with Diane to teach again. Not only could the angels be sold to tourists, but they could make red ones for children’s Valentines, Christmas decorations, and they could be given to babies as guardian angels at baptisms. Four women were scheduled to attend, but word of mouth about the craft class the night before brought 10 instead, including several young girls.


The craft class after completion

These skills are not something typically learned in the local culture, but these women and girls devoured the learning experience. They kept telling us they would teach more women in their fellowship groups. God had supposedly sent angels to make angels and they would grow more angels in their community. Maybe they were right because their enthusiasm sure made us volunteers feel like angels! ~ Diane from Nebraska

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