Sewing Skills a Godsend–a volunteer’s perspective

Diana (right) helps a sewing workshop participant.


Learning to sew and having a sewing machine, was a godsend to me in my life. Hard to believe now that there was a time when I made all the clothes for my family. My birthday money put shoes on my child, and my hands made her dresses and PJs. I could put a curtain on my window, because I knew how to sew.

In our sewing workshop we taught women how to use a sewing machine to replace zippers. One woman who had no electricity in her home used a treadle sewing machine, so the electric ones used in the workshop were a bit frightening to her.

Sharing my sewing knowledge with women who have less than I did was very special and empowering. Sewing is a skill they can use to clothe their families and could even help them make money.

It’s unbelievable that I can teach without speaking the language by just sitting next to them. It reminds me of my grandmother who was a seamstress. I show them how, then they show me, and I say “perfecto!” Is that even a word? But we smile at each other and then we are both happy because I know it will make a difference in their lives.

Can it get better than that? ~ with love, Diana, a local volunteer

Sewing classes attended by dozens of local women would not have been possible without generous donations of sewing equipment, zippers, thread and other supplies. Thanks to Sew Creative of Lincoln, Neb. for a serger, to volunteer Becky Gomez for a sewing machine, and to many additional volunteers and supporters for their help.

Jan (left) helps Juventina (right) who said “It’s very important for me to learn more to be able to work in this economy and to help other people that I know and to help my family.”

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