This House Has a Heart—Monday, Feb. 4

Karla wanted to make friends with the pinata rather than taking a whack at it.

Casita Corazon translates to Heart house. A year ago we began renovation of this once-abandoned property. Today it’s a tidy and comfortable place that serves as a second home to families of children with disabilities. The families usually come several times a week for therapy and support, but tonight was just for fun. Friends of Cozumel held a family festival for about 65 people. This included 20 volunteers along with 45 children and adults. Based on the sheer noise level, it seemed like everyone had a wonderful time.

Izzy volunteered to help with the bean bag toss.

It was a mixture of favorites from both the Mexican and U.S. cultures—carnival games (including darts, bean bag tosses, basketball, pencil pulls, fishing booth and other games) with Dollar Store prizes, hot dogs on the grill, and a piñata. And the new swing constructed by Roger survived strenuous testing by experts with years of experience.

The swing is actually a therapy aid, one of several projects at Casita Corazon. It will have two special platforms for the children with disabilities to experience motion and learn balance. In the meantime, Roger installed two bench swings for the rest of the children to enjoy this evening.

Roger created a swing that will become a therapy aid for Casita Corazon.

In addition to repairs and an electrical wiring check on the home, a donated lift van is being renovated and a garden bed is being installed. Adults from participating families were also fitted with donated eyeglasses.

The glasses were the inexpensive magnifiers that we often refer to as ‘cheaters’ but they make it possible for those who can’t afford corrective lenses to be able to read or thread a needle.

It was hard to tell just who had more fun – the children and their families or the volunteers who hosted the event. It is always a pleasure to see the children enjoy activities that they don’t otherwise have an opportunity to experience. Tonight’s festival made it clear that Casita Corazon is much more than a gathering place. Just like a human heart, it’s a vital part of many lives, connecting people who care for each other.

Susan and Carl help two teens choose glasses.

Shelley, a volunteer from Minnesota, applied temporary tattoos at the family festival.




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