Hugs and Heartfelt Thanks . . . August 10, 2012

I admit to being an education junkie . . . that’s why our annual school project has such a special place in my heart. There’s nothing quite like seeing children’s genuine excitement when they receive their backpacks and open them to discover all the school supplies and other goodies inside. Education is vital here to provide opportunities for the next generation to learn . . . it IS the key to helping individuals and families become self sufficient.

THANKS to many, many donors and volunteers who bought supplies, provided $ donations, transported these gifts to the island, packed and distributed backpacks, socks, shoes and underwear!

Our 2012 goal was to help 150 students in kindergarten through university continue their education by providing school supplies and fitting as many of them as we could with donations of shoes. Together we exceeded this year’s goal and are supporting 162 children.

What can’t be quantified is the tremendous gratitude these students and family members communicate through smiles and hugs. And to top it off . . . we’ve received wonderful Thank You letters from children who received their supplies during a distribution at Vida Abundante (Abundant Life) Church.

Upper left with photo written in English from Zarely: “Hello my name is Zarely. I have 12 years. My favorite colors red and blue. My favorite band is called (big time Rush). I like reading books and I tank by me give a backpack with school supplies and shoes. You God bless and your family . . . Bye” The translated “Muchas Grasias” drawing and note in the lower right of the photo says “Thank you for giving me the backpack and things. I like them. Thanks because I can go to school. Thanks for the socks and underwear. They are pretty. I love you all very much. I am Hannia Priscila.” (Age 9)

Many of the thank you letters have photos of the children. Some include beautiful handdrawn art like the Thank You flower from Maria Marleny Pech Sulu, age 13, with a very thoughtful note about her promise to help others in need, especially her grandmother. Her younger sister, Maria Noemy Loria Lara, age 11, wrote (translated): “Hello! I express my appreciation to you all very much for the things you sent us. They will be very useful for school. I like them very much . . . Thanks! It is very beautiful to know that there are persons of other countries that are very special and are concerned about us. I hope that God blesses you all in every moment. Thank you!”

Other notes provide a lesson in humility for all of us . . . Translated from an anonymous child “Thank you for the things you all gave me and that God will give you much more . . . We are very poor and we don’t have much to eat and my mother goes place to place selling things and we don’t have much money for our groceries. Thank you for everything.”

Written in English “Hi! Greetings from Cozumel, I’m Karina and I’m 18 years old. This year I will begin the university and I’m so happy because now I have materials school thanks to you. I’m very grateful and I hope God richly blesses you and your family also. Thank you! With Love, Karina 🙂 ” and a similar translated note from Pilar, age 14, “Thanks for giving me everything that I need for my high school. I appreciate you from all my heart because the things that you gave me will be very useful for me. Thanks and God Bless You.”

Hugs and heartfelt thanks to each of you who continue to support Cozumel children and families. The generousity of all of our donors and volunteers is truly inspiring~~Karen

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  1. Phyllis

    Thanks for the translations, Karen. I enjoyed this blog and hope that lots of donors will read it. It really illustrates how grateful the children are for the opportunity to go to school.

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