“I’m Always In My Right Mind” … July 24, 2012

These are just a few of the 200 beanbags made for a special day care provider workshop.

Treva from Texas was a home economist and teacher for 30 years.  She’s a great seamstress now putting her skills to work to help people in Cozumel. She recently made 200 beanbags for a workshop where day care providers will learn new teaching skills. That’s not a typo. She really made 200. Sewn, then stuffed by hand with black beans by able assistants Will and Ilene, also from Texas.

Treva also designed and stitched protective vinyl covers for sewing machines used by participants in NUAFA’s sewing skills classes, a vinyl cover for a sound system, and a banner for the Vida Abundante church. She says she can picture each project in her head exactly as it will look when finished.

This self-described right-brain thinker also used her mechanical skills to service the 17 sewing machines at NUAFA. “I’m always in my right mind,” she said with a laugh.

Treva makes beanbags with a serger donated by Sue and Doug of Cozumel, while Will fills the bags with black beans.

So if you think you may not have the skills to do volunteer work in a developing country, think again. It takes all kinds—even those of us not in our right minds. –Phyllis

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