“Just Passing Through”

I was traveling through the airport in Atlanta last week and as I was scurrying along with everyone else to get to my connecting gate, I was scanning the advertisement panels that you see. Most of them are promoting smart phones, business consultants, corporate products, and technologies of varying types. One caught my eye that said the this….Just Passing Through……Aren’t We All?

Later, as I was sitting in the airplane on the tarmac (we were number 5 in order to take off) I found myself recalling that message and began thinking about what the author’s intentions were. Since the airport is one of the most time sensititive, sometimes frantic places anyone can be I figured they were talking about all of the passengers, hurriedly on their way to the next flight or location. That, we are to be mindful that while we may be stressed trying to get to the next flight, feeling pushed, that others are probably in the same situation and we should be respectful of others as well.

I would like to think of it on a larger order. The fact is that we are all spending a limited amount of time on earth and one day we will leave it behind. When we look back, what kind of legacy will we leave behind? Did we truly make a difference in other peoples’ lives? Can we recall times when we stopped to help someone in need? Did we use our resources (time, money, skills, etc.) to help others or only to benefit ourselves? Every day, we are presented with opportunities to help others less fortunate than ourselves. The key is taking a moment to help others. It may be as simple as giving someone a friendly word of encouragement when they’re down, an offer to take a friend somewhere if they don’t have transportation, sharing some food, offering to help with a project when you have the skills. Are you making a difference, or “Just Passing Through”?

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