Bible Blessings . . . A Ministry for All Ages – April 26, 2011

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Recent order of large print Spanish bibles

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Youth who received children's bibles

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Stories of the Bible was given to children

The Bible Blessings ministry has achieved a significant milestone this spring . . . Over 1,000 bibles have been acquired and distributed as a result of generous cash donations exceeding $5,000 USD!

Bible Blessings is a special ministry initiated by SAIL in October 2008 to bring bibles to Cozumel to share among various churches and pastors leading mission efforts. S.A.I.L. (Solid Assurance In the Lord) is a women’s bible study cruise group that visits Cozumel annually. SAIL provides mission sponsorship of Christian outreach efforts and programs to benefit children and families in need. Click on each topic for more information about SAIL’s Mission Efforts or SAIL 2012 cruise in January.

When SAIL asked local pastors about their greatest needs, the resounding response was “We need bibles!” There are two problems: Lack of availability of bibles on the island and many families can’t afford to buy bibles nor can churches provide them. SAIL realized transporting paperback Spanish bibles from the US in small quantities didn’t fit the need . . . so they set out to raise funds for purchasing quantities of bibles in Mexico at a reasonable cost with hardback covers more resilient to the tropical climate. Other individuals, families and groups have joined in to support this ongoing effort.

In a translated quote from a thank you letter Vida Abundante Pastor Mariela wrote, “I want to thank all the persons and churches that have been donors of the Bibles. . . .To give a gift of a Bible we are giving life eternal and this is the most marvelous instrument that any human being can have available. Many souls are being blessed through the word of God that you have donated. . . .All of you are a great blessing for the island of Cozumel not only for the Church Vida Abundante but for all the island of Cozumel because we are procuring the word of God with your help to each person who needs it. Many thanks and blessings . . . ”

Bible Blessings is a ministry for all ages. Initially hundreds of compact bibles for adults were purchased to support outreach efforts. Beautifully illustrated children’s bible story books have been ordered twice and are serving as curriculum for church and mission youth programs. Just recently, a special order of 45 large print bibles was received, the first of its kind for the island.

According to Ilene Kendrick, Coodinator for SAIL and Bible Blessings, “This ministry will never end. We will always need to put the word of God in new believers’ hands!” For more information about the Bible Blessings ministry and how to donate click here or contact Ilene:

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