Cozumel Families to Benefit from Susan G. Komen T-Shirts – April 21, 2011

“Impact. Make One.” . . . A compelling message from Susan G. Komen for the Cure, ranked the #1 most valued non-profit brand by Harris Interactive poll and recognized as one of the most trusted charities.

Nearly everyone knows someone whose life has been affected by breast cancer. A very dear Cozumeleña family friend of ours was diagnosed with breast cancer two months ago. She’s been traveling back and forth to Merida where she just finished her last chemo treatment this week. The good news is the tumor has shrunk and her doctors expect a very positive outcome following her surgery in two weeks. While there is no known cure, there IS hope for our friend as well as the 1.3 million people diagnosed annually worldwide thanks in part to various efforts led by Susan G. Komen for the Cure. Race for the Cure is one of the world’s largest series of 5k runs/walks held in multiple cities to raise awareness and funds to fight breast cancer.

On April 9th the Susan G. Komen Des Moines, Iowa Affiliate organization donated 200+ long sleeve, cotton Hanes t-shirts remaining from the 2010 Race for the Cure. Read more about the Race and other efforts at The donated shirts will be distributed to Cozumel families this coming fall/winter. Sally Dix, Executive Director of the Des Moines Affiliate, provided the donation to Friends of Cozumel volunteers Ilene Kendrick (TX), Phyllis Larsen (NE) and Karen Pedersen (Cozumel/IA) who participated in an informal volunteer get-together in Iowa. Special THANKS to Sally as well as Leslie Malcom (Altoona, IA), a frequent Cozumel visitor who connected Friends of Cozumel with Sally via an online introduction. Leslie, and husband, Bill, donate and transport clothing to the island to benefit families “in need”. These type of connections with individuals and organzations who may have resources to donate helps ensure items go to a good cause benefitting Cozumel children and families with limited resources.

We’re seeking volunteer “sherpas” willing to take a few (or more) t-shirts to Cozumel via cruiseship or flights from now through February 2012. Here’s a reason to justify a visit to the island! The shirts are currently stored in Des Moines and can easily be delivered in central Iowa, Lincoln or Omaha, NE. We’re also glad to check into ground shipping of a quantity of 20+ to other US locations for family groups or friends who will be traveling to the island.

Can you help us transport these shirts, school supplies or other donations? Or do you have other connections that may benefit Cozumel families? Please contact us:

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