A Day to Worship—Sunday, Feb. 27

Vida Abundante is a congregation of about 70 families in a part of town far from the typical tourist area. The area they use for a church is an open-air lot. Walls are the exteriors of structures on either side. A roof was purchased with donations a couple of years ago. Last year, our group built a worship platform for a the pulpit and this year we provided a portable sound system. Now that the seating is a bit more functional (see the Feb. 24 blog post below), the only thing missing was a symbol of their strong faith.

Vida Abundante es una congregación de acerca de 70 familias que se reunen en una parte de la ciudad lejos de la zona turística. El área que utilizan para una iglesia es al aire libre. Las paredes son los exteriores de las estructura en ambos lados. El techo fue comprado con donaciones hace un par de años. El año pasado, nuestro grupo construyó una plataforma de culto para un púlpito y este año nosotros proporcionamos un sistema de sonido portátil. Ahora que las sillas son un poco más funcionales (ver el  texto del dia 24 de febrero debajo), lo único que les faltaba era un símbolo de su fe tan fuerte.

Larry took on the project of designing and building an eight-foot tall cross that was erected today, just minutes before the congregation arrived for services. Larry and Gary also provided music during the service.

Larry asumió el proyecto de diseño y la construcción de una cruz de tres metros de altura que fue erigida el día de hoy, pocos minutos antes que la congregación llegara a los servicios religiosos. Larry y Gary también proporcionaron la música durante el servicio religioso.

Pastor Mariela and the congregation were thrilled with the results of our work and thanked everyone over and over. Her comment on the Feb. 24 blog loosely translates as “We are pleased that everything in the church is so beautiful. Every job you have done is wonderful. God will always reward your efforts.”   (Click on the photos to enlarge.)

La Pastora Mariela y la congregación estaban encantados con los resultados de nuestro trabajo y nos agradecieron a todos una y otra vez. El comentario de la Pastora Mariela en el dia 24 de febrero de este blog pueden traducir asi: “Estamos muy contentos de que ahora todo en la iglesia es tan hermoso.” Cada trabajo que ustedes han hecho es maravilloso. Dios recompensa siempre sus esfuerzos. (Clic en las fotos para ampliar).

3 thoughts on “A Day to Worship—Sunday, Feb. 27

  1. pedersenll Post author

    Hi LaFonda–
    (Phyllis here). It was so great to know that you were “with” us during this trip–via the blog. We hope you and Hoyt will be able to join us next year. There was a lot of variety to our projects this time–plenty for those who wanted the physically challenging, hot and sweaty work along with those who preferred the AC and staying semi-clean. I tried to stay with that latter group when I could. 🙂 Hope all is well with you. One more final blog coming, but it may be a few days since I have a mountain of work to catch up on now that I’m back to cold (literally) reality. Take care.–pl

  2. LaFonda stephens

    I can’t believe how beautiful everything looks! It brings tears to my eyes. What a blessing each of you are! I know God is smiling down! Thank you for being such a blessing in my life!

  3. Jay Marshall

    WOW…..what a beautiful cross!!! Who needs a table saw when you’ve got LARRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You too Gary….

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