Signs of Progess–Saturday, Feb. 26

Sixteen year old Jose has been making steady improvements thanks, in part, to support from Friends of Cozumel

We have several projects underway. These photos show the progress. Sometimes it’s material evidence and sometimes it’s simply in the hearts and on the faces of those we help.

Jose's grandmother and three of his 12 siblings watch as he uses a swing donated by Friends of Cozumel. The swing will help him develop balance and strength

Ray gives a hug to Luis, one of Jose's brothers.

Jose's sisters show off their puppy.

Bill tests out the swing installed for Jose's brothers and sisters.

A new swing makes Jose's brother very happy.

Byron constructs a shelf for the NUAFA daycare.

Gary saves the day with an important repair at NUAFA.

Kristin, Jaydee and Leona brighten the NUAFA daycare--and themselves--with a seascape.

Jaydee constructed mobiles for NUAFA.

Jaydee constructed mobiles for NUAFA.

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