Bowen-Burns-Richey Family Cruise & Donation Delivery–Dec. 30, 2010

Bowen-Burns-Richey FamiliesYesterday was a GREAT sunny, warm day here on the island! It was especially FUN meeting the Bowen-Burns-Richey family from North Carolina who combined volunteer efforts with snorkeling, diving, beach relaxation and shopping during their port-of-call in Cozumel. All 14 members of their family cruise group are shown in the photo with Juan, their local friend and Papa Hog’s divemaster.

A couple of months ago, Kristin Bowen shared with us their family was planning a cruise over the holidays and offered to deliver donations to Cozumel. Kristin’s parents, Bill and Leona Burns happened to be going to Iowa for a relative’s wedding and so we were able to hand off 9 backpacks filled with a total of 90 pounds of school supplies that they delivered on their cruise. This was a HUGE help in getting these donations provided by other donors to Cozumel. Their “sherpa” efforts support the School Supplies project that will benefit over 100+ children from families in need during 2011.

Kristin, Bill and Leona will be returning to Cozumel in February as volunteers for the Mission Trip sponsored by Friends of Cozumel.

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