Together we have brought JOY, LOVE & HOPE–December 17, 2010

Carries Heart LogoIt has been a wonderful experience for Friends of Cozumel to partner with Carrie’s Heart, a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to improving the education, community involvement and overall quality of life of children with disabilities.

Carrie Conn, President of Carrie’s Heart, sent the following holiday greeting to THANK supporters. Working together we truly are changing lives!

JoseImagine if your whole world consisted of a dirty plastic chair. When we first meet Jose, his world was literally his chair. Jose’s family is our most challenged family economically and socially. The family lives in a collection of small shacks and structures on a piece of land that they have squatted on for many years. The family runs electricity to their home from a neighbor and they have no running water.

Despite the overwhelmingly impoverished living conditions, the family has done their best to love and care for Jose. A committed group of Carrie’s Heart supporters and mission volunteers have worked to improve the quality of life of Jose and the other twelve children who live with him.

Jose todayJose now sits in a chair specially made for him and plays with toys. He has a jogging stroller, a mat for therapy and a new bed. His family now has a basic kitchen with a new stove so that the children are no longer breathing in smoke from the cooking fire. With improved nutrition and physical therapy we have seen changes in Jose that we never imagined possible.

Together we have opened up Jose’s world and brought JOY, LOVE and HOPE into his life.

“Where there is love there is life.” ~ Mahatma Ghandi

As we celebrate peace and joy of the season, Carrie’s Heart is extremely thankful for the generous and ongoing support for our mission . . . Carrie Conn

Today, December 17th, is a special day that will bring JOY to many Cozumel children. Carrie’s Heart is sponsoring their annual Holiday celebration at the CAM School for children with disabilities. The children are receiving a gift especially selected for them based on letters students wrote to Santa last month.

Read more about Carrie’s Heart and the Valerie Project benefitting children with disabilities in Cozumel and throughout the Yucatan

2 thoughts on “Together we have brought JOY, LOVE & HOPE–December 17, 2010

  1. cristina

    it is amazing the help that this children received, i love to know more about this organization in Mexico and where to contact them
    thank you
    regards and congratulations for this amazing work

  2. Carrie Conn

    The work that Karen, Larry and all the Friends of Cozumel volunteers do is AMAZING! Incredible people, with incredible hearts and the spirit of giving. Thank you to all! Carrie

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