NUAFA Kicks Off New Year – Jan. 4, 2010

NUAFA (Heart of Family Support) reopened January 4 after a week’s vacation during the holidays.

NUAFA ChildrenApproximately 15-20 children ages 1-4 currently attend daycare. Most of these children are from families with very limited resources who qualify to receive “becas”, scholarships for nutritious meals served at daycare.

NUAFA’s goals for 2010 include providing daycare to more children (up to 30 ages 1-4) and possibly opening a second facility exclusively for care of infants 3 – 12 months. Eloisa Buenfil, President of NUAFA, feels there is a great community need for quality baby care. She’s VERY EXCITED about this idea and is pursuing a partnership with family members of one of NUAFA’s founders. They are identifying resources needed to begin operations and checking into a small business loan.

Other 2010 goals include: Continuing and expanding job skills training for women; acquiring a more permanent facility for NUAFA; as well as seeking resources to support programs, services and operational expenses. Click here for NUAFA Plans for 2010 & Beyond.

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