Welcome to “Friends of Cozumel”! Through this site, we hope you discover ways to become involved in supporting a very special community. Cozumel residents and visitors, many of whom return year after year, are passionate about the island and would like to help the community but may lack information or connections.
We have the good fortune to meet many wonderful people who are commited to helping the communities in which they live and who share their experiences to help us learn. Our desire in hosting this blogsite is to provide information and a forum to exchange ideas as well as stories of people sharing their gifts and talents to help others better their lives. The site will also serve as our primary communication with the informal network of donors, volunteers and other supporters we refer to as “Friends of Cozumel”.

We’re new to blogging. Sometimes you just have to “dive in” and figure it out as you go along so that’s our game plan. The Cozumel community service information will be added to over time. We invite you to share information and comments. If you would like additional information about the efforts we are directly involved in listed at the top of the page, contact us at karen@friendsofcozumel.com
Karen and Larry Pedersen

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