In February we received a message from Sharyn Friesen.   “I know that at times it is difficult to get all of the school supplies you need delivered.    I have found an attractive price for a roundtrip flight from Houston to Cozumel and I would be willing to bring you two checked bags of school supplies if that would help out.”

We were thrilled at this idea and Sharyn’s generosity so we gladly accepted and immediately made a wish list that donors could purchase from and ship the supplies directly to her.   Sharyn arrived in Cozumel on May 12 with 100 pounds of school supplies which included 86 Backpacks, 60 boxes of colored pencils, 390 pens and 250 pencil pouches.  The pencil pouches are hand-made by the women from Volunteer Christian Builders (They have provided us with pencil pouches every year for 8+ years for a total of over 4,000 pencil pouches a well as other market bags, gift bags, and other items).  Sharyn also brought us cash donations which will be used to purchase a number of supplies from local merchants here in Cozumel.

As planned, Sharyn was here for less than 24 hours and on May 13 she was at the airport to return to Houston. She left us overjoyed with our latest donation and the fact that she plans to return in July to personally help us with this year’s distribution to the children!

We now have a new title . . .  “School Supply Runner”

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