2023-24 School Supply Distribution Results. . .A Record Breaking Year

1. 826 students (kinder – university) received school supplies

  • 20% are special needs students with various disabilities
  • 627 received backpacks with supplies for their school grade/year  
  • 199 received packets of basic supplies
  • All students are from families “in need” known by one or more of our local community leaders.  These families have been screened and pre-identified for their financial situation, “special needs”, health complications in the family, etc. It is not a program open to the public.  Families with students who receive backpacks and school supplies must complete an inscription process showing their grades in school or proof of school attendance.
  • 2 changes in student profiles over the years:  1) # of females vs. males attending prepa (high school) is now 65% female/35% male; and 2) Increase in # university students is 60+ this year.
The significant growth in 2022/23 was due to our collaboration with Chrysalis of Cozumel

2. Community Outreach . . . Other non-profit organizations’ families benefitted 

  • CAM primaria (elementary) and secundaria (middle school) students (150 total).  CAM Schools are dedicated to education to students with various special needs
  • Centro de Autismo and CRIM (rehabilitation therapy) selected students
  • Circle of Friends 12 families
  • Mujeres Guerreras (Women Warriors – mothers of severely impacted children with disabilities – their siblings)
  • Ranchito Project

3. 57 adults received free reading eyeglasses

4. 40 volunteers participated (38% local citizens)

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