Attention Super Shoppers – Part I Backpacks

The Challenge . . . 400+ backpacks are needed in 11 months

Every year we wonder if we’ll have enough backpacks to give to 625+ students?  Our amazing SUPER SHOPPERS and SHERPA volunteers who visit Cozumel throughout the year have always filled the need.

This is the time of year when you can score the greatest discounts on backpacks for next school year.  After Labor Day in the US, store managers want to clear out their inventory to make room for holiday seasonal items.  Our volunteers have had success in asking for a manager for a discount on purchasing backpacks in quantity, at their local Walmart, Walgreens and office supply stores.  They may have 5 to over 200 backpacks available at $3.00 each or even less.  Be sure to keep your receipt to bring through customs. 

We group backpacks in three sizes according to grades:  Kinder – Primaria (elementary) grades 1-3; Primaria 4-6; and Secundaria (middle school) through University.  Thankfully we already have enough for Primaria 4-6 for next year. 

Our GREATEST NEED is 300 backpacks for secundaria – university (60 % female/40% male).  The next need is 100+ backpacks for kinder – primaria 1-3 (50+ girls; 50+ boys).  Colors/themes or prints that are unisex are very helpful.  The culture here has been very traditional in terms of male/female colors although we see that changing over time.  We also have online sources to order backpacks in cases of 24 that can be shipped to someone’s home who is coming to the island. 

If you know you will be visiting the island but shopping online or in person is not your thing . . . but you are willing to bring some backpacks when you visit the island, let us know your travel dates so we can funnel backpacks or supplies for you to bring.

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2 thoughts on “Attention Super Shoppers – Part I Backpacks

  1. Joel lopez

    We just ran across your page and are traveling to Cozumel on Feb 23. What can we do to help? We will be there for a week.

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