Interest continues to increase among local families in having water purification systems. The systems are made with two buckets and a ceramic charcoal filter that cleans impurities from tap or well water to produce safe drinking water. This is a significant $ savings for families because it eliminates having to buy purified drinking water and encourages them to stay hydrated for their health. We’ve been blessed by two non-profit organizations that funded materials for an additional 45 systems!

Friends of Cozumel frequently receives emails and texts from visitors as well as island residents expressing a desire to “build something” or assist us in a service project.
During the past two months these volunteers have spent half-days cutting, sanding, staining or painting the wood bases and assembling the buckets and filters. As a result, 20 systems were delivered to local families in February. We are currently preparing 10 more systems that will be delivered in the coming two weeks and supplies are on the way for even more builds.

Chris staining parts prior to assembly

Rick and Steve installing filters into the buckets

Steve B. pre-drilling parts for the stand assembly

We are fortunate that most items necessary for the systems can be procured locally or purchased online. The filters are still purchased via Amazon and transported here by volunteers. Our goal is to have systems on hand and ready to be provided to families that want them.

Debi painted messages on the legs of the stands

Eight systems have filters installed and are being tested for leaks prior to delivery

Complete and ready for a new home

More information about the water systems is available at this link: http://friendsofcozumel.com/2020/12/09/water-purification-systems-help-families-stay-healthy-when-money-is-tight/

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