Christian Scuba Divers Organization leaves a lasting impact

2020 has been a year of many challenges, changes as well as unexpected blessings.  When COVID-19 caused Grand Cayman to close to tourism, the Christian Scuba Divers Organization came to Cozumel last month to dive and to serve the community. The organization’s 20+ volunteers invested parts of three days serving families in need. They provided generous “in-kind” and financial donations as well as hours of volunteer service.

Results included:

  • Bought, assembled and delivered 85 “despensas” (food pantry boxes)
  • Assembled 40 “mini despensas” for emergency food supplies to have on hand
  • Assembled 20 first aid kits
  • Made 100 fleece blankets for distribution before Christmas
  • Prepared 500+ sandwiches to distribute over two days as part of the community kitchen serving meals to families without work and donated $s to fund 10 weeks of community kitchen meals
  • Grilled 500+ hotdogs and provided snacks to representatives of families during showing of two sessions of Christian education films
  • Painted passageway at Vida Abundante Church
  • Applied finish to wood stands for water filtration systems to be delivered to family homes
  • Donated gas grill, 4 griddles and two large electric roasters to use in community kitchen to serve meals to families out of work
  • Donated clothing, school supplies and other items to benefit children
  • Distributed 60 pair of reading glasses and donated over 240 additional pairs of reading glasses plus sunglasses for future distribution
  • Donated Christian evangelism booklets 
  • Donated 8 wireless microphones for services and educational programs

The impact of this group’s donations and volunteer service will benefit families through the end of 2020 and in 2021.  Helping in a large way like the diver’s group or small gestures made by an individual or family is very much appreciated. Together we CAN make a difference.  

Thank you ~ Larry & Karen Pedersen

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