Heartfelt thanks from Jose’s family

Jose Pech family and Elena

Jose (at right) and his multi-generation family extend their heartfelt thanks to our donors for providing food for their family.  They were eager to have their photo taken and gave us permission to share the following information with you.

Jose is a proud single father who is struggling to support all ten members of his extended family including his mother (standing next to Jose), his children, his sister (single mother; center back row) and her children.  We recently met Jose’s family through the recommendation of Elena (local volunteer at left wearing a mask).    

They live in two very modest structures.  The concrete room to the left has a partial cement floor.  The rustic wood pole structure on the right has a dirt floor.  They feel very fortunate to have electricity.  Their only source of water is a well on the side of the lot where they pull up the water they need by hand in in a bucket.  Their home frequently floods during tropical storms. 

Jose Pech family home

On a recent home visit one of the visiting volunteers who helped deliver food “despenses” (pantry boxes of dry food) commented “It is amazing that everyone seems so happy and appreciative despite their living conditions”.  

How are we helping Jose’s family?  Through generous giving by donors, we are providing them:

  • Food box monthly that will last this family one meal a day for about a week.  Jose is the only wage earner so the food supplements his earnings.  
  • Next week they will receive a simple water purification system made by Friends of Cozumel volunteers. The carbon filter will purify the well water so they will have safe drinking water at no cost.  
  • Basic school supplies for the school age children.  
  • A set of ecological (cloth) diapers for the baby.

Jose’s family is just one example of many who are benefitting from donor support.  Thank you! 

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