Glasses Cause Smiles—Jan. 27, 2019

Non-prescription magnifying reading glasses in all strengths are needed.

Look around at the seniors in the DIF community center (DIF translates to development of the family—a government agency in Cozumel). They’re engaged and curious about whatever activity is available to them. And only a few of them wear glasses.

It’s not that they have perfect eyesight. Many simply can’t afford to visit an eye doctor or purchase glasses of any kind.

Imagine the delight a pair of reading magnifiers brings to someone who had to give up sewing or reading because they couldn’t see anymore.

Friends of Cozumel saw this as another opportunity to support families and individuals in need. Inexpensive glasses—even those from the U.S. dollar stores—transform the blur. And they typically cause smiles as well.

FOC volunteers helped fit more than 40 pairs of reading glasses to happy seniors at the DIF center on Friday. The smiles were contagious, spreading from recipients to the volunteers.

Ray, a former optician and FOC volunteer, helps determine which strength glasses are needed.

Want to help? Donations of non-prescription readers are needed—and easy to add to your luggage if you’re visiting Cozumel. Thanks for helping us create more smiles.

~ Phyllis from Nebraska

FOC volunteer Michelle points to different sizes of print on the eye chart.

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