It Takes a Pueblo – January 31, 2018


We all know the phrase “It takes a village.”  Our group is no exception.  The annual school supply distribution that we do is definitely the biggest effort of the year for our group. We firmly believe in education of all (children, adults, public school, workshops, etc.).  Learning is a life-long process.  To be able to serve the number of children that we do (680 in 2017!) we rely on a lot of efforts and contributions from a lot of people.  It begins with the many, many people we hear from throughout the year that come to Cozumel either on extended-stay vacations or for only one day (cruise ships) that want to contribute to the future of the people living here. We receive backpacks, pencils, crayons, markers, scissors, etc.  These items are collected throughout the year for our annual distribution which takes place in July.  School years typically end in July and begin at or before the first of August in Cozumel.

Ellen and Anne sort out the larger-sized backpacks for the secundaria (middle school) and prepa (high school) students.

Mick helps us sort a large quantity of backpacks volunteers brought with them.

As we receive these wonderful donations we track and inventory these items to ensure that we have everything the students are asked to bring for the coming school year.  This requires a lot of effort to count and store everything.  This week, with a number of volunteers coming to Cozumel we had a lot of backpacks and other supplies to sort, count and store.  THANK YOU to everyone who makes this possible.  We are committed to promoting education for all ages.

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